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Traditionally handmade stained glass decor and accessories.

Handmade with Elegance

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  • Claudia Rose Coffin Choker
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  • Rose Coffin Ring Made to Order
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About the Artist

Want to know more about the artist behind the work?  Visit the introduction blog!

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Custom Work Available

Have an idea to bring to life in stained glass?  Contact to discuss custom commission pricing and timelines and we'll make it happen.


Blog posts

“These are stunning!!! They’re very bold but still lowkey and really bring your entire look together! The craftsmanship is gorgeous and the glass is great quality! I cannot absolutely wait to add more to my collection!!”

Vivi, NY USA

“stunning! And the blue is a perfect match for classic Moitie blue 💙”

“Don’t think just buy”


“Gorgeous, high quality ring. I get tons of comments on it!”

Laura, TX USA

“Absolutely gorgeous! Bought both the black and blue and I am obsessed with them. A really nice size, striking but comfortable. Thank you so much!”

Michelle, AZ USA

“Absolutely beautiful in its simplicity and elegance. You can tell a lot of love went into these. This is a perfect gift for the goth in your life (or yourself if you favor an aristocratic flair for the darkness).”

Stephanie, IN USA

“Gorgeous and well made!

Are you sure it's ok to sell such nice things so cheap? Ok, ok, but seriously, it's perfect. Also, items were all packed with rough shipping in mind.

With how great they turned out though, I have to say it, I'd be happy to pay more next time [especially if there's an option for a different band later]. My grandma is a glass bead artist, so believe me, this praise is well deserved.”


Absolutely beautiful ring, I’m sure I will wear it a lot 

purplekittykat, GB United Kingdom

Absolutely Beautiful ring! I can't wait to wear it with my outfits ^_^

Aileen, HI USA

Excellent work as always! I'll probably get another one next time orders are open.

Riley, WA USA