mto faq

What is an MTO?

MTO stands for made-to-order.  This means that the item is not immediately available for shipment and will be put into production once an order is received.

I offer two types of MTOs, batch and general order.  Batch MTOs are when specific products go up for a limited amount of time or once an order cap is met.  This is generally for small items such as jewelry pieces so that the process is streamlined to have the products made as quickly as possible to fulfill all orders.  Jewelry batch MTOs are VERY popular and generally sell out within a day, but I am working to add more to each one that I do so that everyone can get the items that they want.  Don't worry, if you miss out on an MTO because it sells out or you did not notice in time, then rest assured that the batch will be made available again shortly (generally within 1-3 months) unless the batch has been retired.

General order MTOs are items that are available in the shop but are not yet made.  These can be purchased at any time so long as the item shows as in-stock and production starts when the order is finalized.

How long do MTOs take?

The timelines will vary for each item and how many items are in the production queue.  Each listing will have guidelines stated to give a general idea of lead times.  Batch items can be 3-6 weeks, and general items can be 2-6 weeks.  Large panels will vary greatly due to complexity, and can take a couple of months.  All timelines are estimates- I will work to beat these timelines and get the items out sooner every chance that I get.  If the timelines need to be extended for any reason, then I will contact to let you know the reason for extension and when the new ship date(s) can be expected.