Celebration Giveaway! Instagram Giveaway and Coordinate Contest

There is so much for Néant Glass to celebrate this month.  I am so grateful to all the successful business I've had and loving support from the community.

In June alone, we:

  • Were able to raise $675 for Black Lives Matter Louisville in Breonna Taylor's honor!  A special BLM piece was made and auctioned off for the cause and as soon as it was finished bids to create more were received.  The additional BLM pieces will be finishing in July.
  • The first coffin rosary MTO was completed- over 100 orders were shipped out in June and have been very positively received!  It was an honor to share my art with so many people.  It was the largest release yet with over 200 pieces made!
  • Many improvements were made to the website and new special jewelry designs are in the works at this very moment.
  • The last point of celebration is that the Néant Glass Instagram is almost at 1,000 followers!  This is quite a landmark for me as an independent artist and with this growth comes fantastic new reach every day.

All of the above are great reasons to celebrate, so I will be doing a giveaway for two custom coffin sets!  Each set will include a rosary, ring, and pair of earrings, made to the specs of the winners with worldwide shipping on me.  The winners of these sets are able to choose any color glass they'd like, including options never before offered to the public.  Do you dream of a cream colored coffin, or maybe a pink and yellow swirled?  Any color your heart could desire we'll get special made for this celebration!

Once the @neant.glass instagram page reaches 1,000 followers the giveaways will begin!


The first way to win is very simple: an Instagram giveaway.

Here is how it will work:

Once the 1,000 follower mark is reached a celebration post will be made on the feed where users can enter.  To be eligible to win, you must do the following:

  • Follow the @neant.glass Instagram page
  • Like the giveaway photo
  • Tag 3 friends in a comment on the giveaway photo

That's it!  You can do this once per day for a single entry.  For additional entries, you can share the post to your stories or feed and tag the @neant.glass page in the story or post (so that I will see it).  This can also be done once a day for one extra entry.  Once the timeframe for the IG contest has ended (TBD, it will be on the IG post when it's up), one user will be selected at random to win the first set.


For the second chance to win there will be a little more challenge and fun- an outfit/coordinate contest!

To enter, put together an outfit that you would like to wear the special giveaway coffin set with and either directly message this to the @neant.glass Instagram page, or email to neant.glass@gmail.com.  Tell us why you picked this outfit, why it's special to you, how you'd like your coffin set to match, and what color(s) you'd like to match with it and we will have a voting period for best outfit!  Of course any info you give on the outfit is all optional, you could just submit the photo with no comment and it will be counted as an entry just as valid as the others.  The voting will be public so anyone can see your outfit and pick their favorite to determine the winner.  If your outfit is selected as the winner, your photo will be shared on the @neant.glass Instagram page with your comments about it.

Acceptable photo entry types are as follows:

Flatlays, collages, and mannequin photos.  Please no worn photos- we want to make sure the voting is fair based off of the outfit and not the person!


Hopefully we will have many entries to both contests and two very special winners will be made very happy with their prizes!


I also want to take a moment again to say how grateful I am for the support.  I would not be able to be living such a fun, fulfilled, and happy life without the support of everyone who helped me create this business and flourish.  I've been able to watch my skill level in glass rapidly improve over the past 8 months since Néant Glass was launched and I've met so many other talented artists to work with and bring our ideas and artistic dreams to life.  I am so excited to show you all the new products that are in the works!  If anyone ever wants to share their ideas with me or give suggestions on things you'd like to see in the future, then please send an email at any time!  I'd love to chat with you all and conjure up some new things.

Above all, thank you so much to everyone!

With love and gratitude,


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