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Hi there!

Néant Glass was founded in February of 2019.  I began venturing into stained glass in November of 2018 as a therapeutic hobby to handle some very difficult life changes.  Prior to stained glass, my artistic endeavors included a short-lived latex clothing line, many handmade costumes, clothing, and decor, and the general jump into whatever artistic work inspired me at the moment.  Everything from drawing, painting, sewing, and even woodworking, but nothing quite stuck and I'd find myself often frustrated with my work and lack of motivation.  Stained glass was always so alluring to me, but I assumed it was a far-off, too high-skill and workspace intensive of a craft for me to participate in.  How wrong I was!  Changes in my life opened up a room in my old house and a lot of time on my schedule and I needed something to fill that void.  I wear stained glass designs printed on clothing, on enamel pins, and have drawn so much of it and used pieces to decorate my home for so long.  All of this combined, I decided to take the plunge and ordered myself a starter kit and hit the YouTube tutorial study sessions.  One week later, I had my first shabby piece made and was hooked from then on.

Stained glass was the first artistic hobby that I had so much enjoyment out of and felt so proud of my work that almost every single piece I made for the first six months I gave away to friends just to see how that happiness could spread to the people I loved.  The process was as rewarding as the end product, and it was payment enough for me to watch my skill level rapidly grow and try new things.  However, by October of 2019, friends had encouraged me to sell my newly devised jewelry designs, and the popularity exploded.

I have been active in a Japanese fashion community for thirteen years now.  Gothic Lolita fashion, or EGL, has been a very big part of my life that has led me to meet almost all of my closest friends and bond over wearable art for so long.  The love and support of the community has shaped me as a person, so it was an honor to begin designing my wearable pieces around the desires of the community.  By early 2020, I had made hundreds of sales and shipped to over 20 different countries (that's in just four months!), with the vast majority of pieces going to the fantastic, supportive members of the community that I am so proud to say I belong to.  Without the support of the international EGL community, I would not be where I am today and I cannot say enough how grateful I am for all of the fantastic people involved.  

In addition to my ever popular jewelry lines, I find myself dreaming up designs for panels, suncatchers, and full windows on a morning-to-night basis every day.  I am excited to set up my new workshop on the edge of the Appalachian region in the US.  I've found the area to be immensely beautiful and inspiring so it was fate that I ended up here to focus on my work.

I hope that my work continues to bring joy and inspiration to those all over the world!  From the elegant glass jewelry that has now speckled much of the EGL community, to the delightfully nerdy video game and fantasy pieces that are finding new homes all over the country, I hope that every day will bring new ideas and color into the hearts of many.


Thank you for following me on this journey!

Love and gratitude to you all,


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